April 26, 2019

Show IH: Where to incorporate your business?

ZeroStar @zerostar07

Hello Community,

I am putting together a list of countries to incorporate a business with focus on solopreneurs/remote startups/digital nomads . I would appreciate your feedback about what info should be on the list:



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    If you're looking to incorporate somewhere that's not where you live, I'm curious why? I understand that for countries where it's overly complex or if there's no Stripe in your country. Otherwise it's perfectly fine to just incorporate locally, no?

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      Tax reasons. In some countries in Europe if you pay taxes and social security even if you have no revenue.

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    Thanks for putting together this list. I wish there was more info though. For example, correct me if I'm wrong, but incorporating in HK comes with zero taxes if your income is from overseas.

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      Thank you , i will add this info to the HK listing.

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        awesome! would be even more awesome if you verify it first ;)

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          I do! There is a 'suggestions' button on the website to suggest missing info, which i manually cross-check.

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