April 1, 2019

Show IH: Yo! Podcast 🎙

Rob Hope @robhope

Hey IH community! I held back on sharing this until I had 2 episodes out and was happy with the format. So I've released a new Podcast called Yo!
(links to all streaming platforms are there)

In 2018, I released the Yo! YouTube series and Yo! newsletter to spotlight designers, developers and makers contributing to a better web. The Yo! Podcast spotlights these makers:

Episode #001 is with @ajlkn

Episode #002 is with @johnonolan

Hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback is your listen! :)


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    I've just finished listening to IndieHackers podcast with AJ so I mat want to skip the first episode but will surely listen to the one with John O'Nolan.


    1. 1

      Hope you reconsidered. If you're a fan of Carrd.. you won't want to miss Yo!#1. It was very well done and very candid.

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      Cheers Jacob - yeah Courtland did an incredible job on the ep with AJ. However the Yo! ep includes a fun intermission and a bit more on Twitter, One Pagers and how he handles support if you were to compare (you can skim the transcription too). Let me know what you think of the ep with John!