April 17, 2019

Show My Ad - Grow/Monetize your indie project through ads

Hey Indie Hackers,
I discovered Intravert.co on Product Hunt, and loved the idea of enabling small websites and blogs to sell their own ad spaces.

What's lacking, I believe, is discovery, i.e. a common place where buyers (people who wish to have their ads on niche sites/blogs that are visited by their target audience) and sellers (niche websites/blogs) meet.

So, I'm creating this thread where you can post a request for an ad, and people willing to monetize their projects, will reach out to you.

Include the following:
1.) Your product's name and short description
2.) Places (websites/blogs) where you want your project's ad to be put up (The niche that you're targeting. Mention 'Any' if you don't have specific requirements)

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