Django July 13, 2020

Show off your Django products!

Scotty @kangabru

What have you guys built with Django?

I'm launching a new product this month with Django but was curious what you guys have built with it.

I know you guys are out there so show us your Django products!

  1. 5 is Django :)

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      Oh wow, I actually had that bookmarked because of the sweet design. Looks awesome! Good concept too, might use it someday

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        Very kind, thank you :)

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      Oh wow I love it, will apply to become a mentor.

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        Cool, excited to see you!

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          I think I had some problems with the signup/application, sent you an email on the support email :)

  2. 4, built with Django and jQuery.

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    RemoteLeaf the application engine is Django.

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      Awesome concept! That's a cool way to do a job board.

      Just curious why did you go with a paid subscription model for users? Most boards I've looked into make it free to see jobs but charge to post them. also companies are more willing to pay vs the consumers

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    Kushim - journal / digital garden / Personal CRM.
    Tolstoy Wisdom - for Russian users I have built an automated newsletter of Leo Tolstoy calendar entries (wisdom from other people)

    Finally, my most recent project is Built with Django , which is what it sounds like :) Will surely be adding these projects to the site.

  5. 3 is a fully managed Gitea Hosting service. is a progressive web app todo list.

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    An online shopping website .
    Due to covid-19, my offline shop was hugely impacted, so had to create an online shop for it.

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      No offense but why use Django but not a ready-made solution like Shopify?

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        @bennychan Good point, we considered Shopify, but not sure if it's worth the money, and also some people said their shops are banned for no obvious reason etc.
        So we decided to build our own in 3 weekends (around 7days in total), using Gcloud free budget (valid for 1y), so that means almost no extra money we need to spend and run this MVP online shop.

  7. 3 was one of my very first Django projects. and are also built with Django :-)

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      Man I'm impressed, really great sites and screenjar actually blew my mind a little! Nice work

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        Thanks 😊

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    Master CW is proud to be built on Django!

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      Looks cool! It reminds me of a Django site I built a few years back but for Spanish. It was similar in that it used spaced repetition to help me learn.

      Is learning morse code popular then?

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        No doubt it's a small niche, but Morse code is still very popular among amateur radio operators due to its efficiency in low power transmission, especially in field conditions.

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          Cool, glad it's still alive and well. Looks like a well executed product for that niche.

          Curious what's the CW in the name mean?

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            CW means "continuous wave", it's the technical term used by hams to describe the way the signal is modulated. If you think about it, the signal that you hear when listening to Morse code is either a continuous tone (i.e. wave) or nothing at all. The digital equivalent when transmitting data (as opposed to voice) is called On-Off Keying (OOK).

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              Ah cool, very interesting. I was going to say the only thing that confused me was the name, but your explanation makes a lot of sense.

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    Built both and with Django

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    Zlappo (Twitter growth tool) is built in Django.

  11. 3 is made with Django, running on Heroku Postgres and S3.

    It is also my first Django project (and my first non-analytics-related coding project for that matter)! 🎂🥳

    Right now I'm translating it, and wondering in what did I get myself into it!

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      Awesome! It took me until the step by step images to understand what the concept was but otherwise all good. I really like how you show the product in those steps too. They looks great!

      What translating are you doing, Portuguese to English? If so I'd be happy to proof read anything for you.

      And when's the beta launch?

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        Aw! I have to show your answer to my wife, @NathFLeite then! She did the LP design!

        I'm translating Eng -> Portuguese. This is because I first thought I could reach a bigger public with English, however my first beta users are from my network in Brazil and they asked for it.

        (In fact, I'm having some difficulties... asking the experts here wink wink)

        I'll launch the beta as soon as I fix the translations and simplify the pricing model.

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    I'm currently working on 2 Django projects.

    PKG Deploy - Trying to make installing and upgrading software on linux easier. Deployed using itself / yum packages on EC2 instances and using RDS

    Stop That Email - Unsubscribe from an email in seconds by forwarding it to us and we do the rest. Deployed using Zappa on AWS Lambda and uses Amazon SES and SNS to receive emails

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      The second link points to PKG Deploy also but it looks great! Have you managed to get customers yet?

      I haven't used it much but it seems to solve a similar problem to Docker correct? If so what's the benefit of using custom packages to deploy over a Docker install?

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        Ah thanks! I've fixed the second link now.

        I've not actually tried to market it yet, I've been fixing a few bits for the second app but I'm going to start trying to find customers this week.

        It does have a big overlap with Docker, In fact you saying that makes me a little more confident I'm at least getting my message half correct. It's meant for people who are still deploying code on linux servers via shell scripts and Git etc.

        • A package can be installed straight on a linux server without having to run much setup before like install Docker
        • Docker requires you to go all in where as PKG Deploy gives you a lot of the easy of deployment benefits using mostly the same shell scripts etc.
        • Sometimes running an app in Docker can require more system resources and can sometimes be overkill
        • Some people don't like or want to learn Docker. Except for the config file PKG Deploy is just using your normal linux box and services
        • Managing a private docker repo can be a pain, we offer private package repos

        is generally aimed at people who can't or don't want to use Docker. Saying that I'm using PKG Deploy to deploy itself and the app also uses Docker so there is some crossover

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          This might be interesting for Windows 10 Home users deploying on Linux machines. Docker requires Hyper-V and Windows 10 Home edition does not support it.

          This means either using a Virtual Box (which crosses the threshold between convenience and hassle) or buying Windows 10 Professional just for Hyper-V. 😠

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          Cool, best of luck with the customer search!

          Yeah I think the messaging is clear but I left thinking why was this better than existing solutions. What you just described makes that clearer though! I also just use Heroku atm so you obviously know the problem better than I do.

          And your second project is cool too. I guess you got fed up of spam emails haha. How that's project going?

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    I've finished a SaaS Name Generator called Basically, you can get inspiration with different rules. The domain availability and price can be checked at the same time.

    It's just a simple project I build with Vue and Django for the API.

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      Nice, a clever way to use affiliate links!

      Found a bug though, it seems that the availability doesn't always work. For example searching 'design' shows '' as $8.88 but it's not available.

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        Thanks for your feedback. I've fixed it. Unfortunately, Look like Github is down now. I can't deploy to Vercel.

        Regarding affiliate marketing, my previous project is a collection of SaaS affiliate programs. So I just try to conduct an experiment. TBH, I am not sure if an affiliate program can generate enough revenue.

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          Interesting that you deploy it on Vercel as it seems to be built for static sites. Are you running Django as a serverless function then?

          Yeah I saw your other site too, looks good too. I agree, you would likely need a lot of users (or a group who returns frequently) to generate enough revenue.

          With that said things like product blogs, Google Flights, and Amazon price tracking sites all do it successfully. Perhaps you could find a niche group that could benefit from those types of services.

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            Basically, 3sName is a static site. Django is used as the interface to connect with 3rd party API. No, Django is not running as a serverless function.

            I was trying to do so. However, after googling for a while, I found that aws lambda was not suitable to run Django. And I need to run redis on aws. The whole set up on aws is not easy at all.

            Python anywhere (not support redis) / Render / Heroku may be good but the cost is most or less the same. So I just open a new $5 server on Digital Ocean and do the setup.

            I will try to launch on HN & PH soon. Anyway, automating API setup may be a good problem to solve. I will keep the ball rolling

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              Ok cool, makes sense. Good luck with the launch!

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    Most of my projects, including and of course are all powered by Django. :)

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      Hey heard you on the podcast, I dig your work man!

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    A web application to create and practice collections of keyboard shortcuts.
    Django hosted on PA

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      Wow, cool concept and looks really well made!

  16. 2, a free and easy subscription form for your landing page without the need for having Mailchimp yet.

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      Great page and product design, looks useful. I also noticed that feedback button on the bottom right from Appzi. It's exactly what I've been looking for. How have you found using it?

  17. 2 incident managemnet and website monitroing platform build with django and bootstrap5.

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      Hey slick looking site! If you want some feedback I've read the page a few times but I'm still not sure exactly what it does. Perhaps a video screen cast or more screenshots of the product would help convey your message better. Also how's the business going?

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    I didn't know Django and Python were used that often to build apps/websites
    Anyone to recommend a good resource to learn django specifically?

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      Sure, I reckon their getting started tutorial is a good starting point.

      If you continue there are plenty of YT or online courses that can help to. But the best way to learn is to build!

      Feel free to message me if you ever have questions 👍

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    This comment was deleted 12 days ago.

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      Nice. Just curious what's the use case for this? When would someone be willing to input their email to access a site if their not signing up?

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        Signing in/up accounts, contacting users. I'm still in the validating stage (may pivot) until I find the right fit.

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          Ok cool, sounds good. Best of luck with it!