📄 Show us your newsletter landing page!

My newsletter is now a couple of issues old.

My landing page is a bit about me (with some copy that I'm reasonably happy about and would like to keep if possible) and a link to the previous issues.

I now have some nice comments from readers that I'd like to include on the front page as social proof.

My problem is that I can't settle on a design that doesn't look too busy.

I'd love to see your landing pages for inspiration, please!

(this is mine- https://www.baseclass.io/. If anybody has any specific feedback that would also be really appreciated!)

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    Signals is my gig. I like to keep the style as minimal as possible, but I also prefer to "sell" the value with a long form page. I actually want to simplify the visual style even more once I have some time to update.

    I see you're into the minimal side of things as well. So I personally like your landing page a lot. I'd only consider adding some social proof and maybe tell the reader upfront some real topics you'll be covering (like "object-oriented programming", "machine learning", "python", sorry not very technical, just throwing these from the top of my head). To make it more concrete for the reader.

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      Thank you!

      I like your landing page a lot, it gives me much more information about what to expect than mine does.

      Looking at my page in comparison, I think I'm relying on visitors reading through previous issues to see if it's something they'd like. In your case, what you're delivering is right in front of them. That has to be a good thing.

      You also have a specific number of subscribers like @PaoloAmoroso does, whereas I just say 'hundreds'. I wonder if actual numbers are more impactful than vague statements like mine.

      Thanks for the example, I might 'borrow' some of your ideas if you don't mind! 😊

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        My ideas are definitely free to steal :) I probably got them from somewhere else anyway haha.

        Numbers definitely work! They make everything more concrete. There's probably even a theory behind which I'm not aware of.

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    Love your landing page, Dave! Here's mine: www.thealphanewsletter.com

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      That is very very clean! I love it and have bookmarked it for inspiration 🙂

      I notice you don't have the option to read previous issues on your home page. Do you think that helps you, by appealing to people's curiosity?

      Initially I didn't have an example on the home page either, but got a few emails from subscribers asking where the previous issues were, so I added it.

      I was worried that people still wouldn't subscribe without reading it first. Your pitch is clearer though, so maybe that's my problem.

      I'm curious how it works for you, because it's a decision I'm currently struggling with!

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        I'm glad you like it, thank you. I really like how you implemented previous emails on your website!

        I thought of doing it but decided against it just to save time.

        My goal was to not distract users and instead stay focused on the sign up. I figure if they don't like the first newsletter they receive, they'll unsubscribe.

        Thank you for posting this great thread!

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    Curiousfounders.com is our landing page. Please comment below what you have understood from the landing page.

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    For my newsletter I use the default substack page:

    But added some custom colors there.

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    I've started my newsletter today using Twitter revue. Here is the standard page looks like: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/mhetreramesh

    What are your thoughts about using revue?

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      That's a really interesting topic for a newsletter!

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        Thank you, Dave . There is a lot to share on this space.

        I've just subscribed for BaseClass. Seems very interesting 🤔

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    Hi Dave, I really like the look of yours (I also signed up!), it has a bit of a techie feel, but that is clearly your audience. Maybe it looks a bit 'we only built this the other day so it's not fully finished'?

    Whereas as a good comparison, Signals mentioned below looks more professional and perhaps like it's been going much longer. It 'feels' like something I would pay for.

    Both great, but perhaps something is missing with yours Dave to give it that finished look.

    @daves106 and @timosarkka, which platforms did you both build your designs on? I'm also about to do a newsletter and/or ebook so in need of inspiration.

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      @steveprocter I use Dorik for the landing page. My archive page is built with a Bootstrap-template. There are even easier options but I wanted a custom look.

      I send the actual newsletter with ConvertKit. Paid subscriptions with Gumroad.

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        thanks @daves106 and @timosarkka. yeah I'm thinking of gumroad and everyone seems to say convertkit. for the front page though I think I'm gonna go easy on this one with a simple Carrd page.

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          ConvertKit works for me. I haven't tried anything else, so I don't have anything to compare it too, but so far so good.

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      Wow thanks for signing up! I love that feeling every time I get the new subscriber email 😊.

      I think you’re right, mine does look less polished in comparison. I want to appear more professional, but keep the ‘this is written by a real person, not a big company’ feel. I have some good inspiration from this thread!

      My site is a Hugo blog hosted on Netlify. I also use ConvertKit to send the emails.

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    For my newsletter I use the default Revue landing page, which I tweaked a bit. There are no further customization options other than creating a different landing page outside of Revue.

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      I like the idea of having the number of subscribers on the front page as social proof. I might do the same.

      I also like having the previous issues on the front page instead of being another link like it is on my site.

      Thanks for sharing!

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        Thanks, glad you like it. 59 subscribers is hardly compelling social proof but it's way better than 0 😀

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    Mine is https://www.nomadtrends.com/ - love to hear any feedback on messaging :)

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    My (very new!) landing page. Would love any feedback on it :)

    Made on carrd and linked to MailChimp (for now)


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