March 29, 2019

SideProject needs to launch. Can you guys give me some suggestions?

Iftekher Islam Sunny @IftekherSunny

Besides my current full-time job, I'm working on my side project. My MVP is almost done, also my landing page and introduction video.

I'm not sure where to launch it. How can I get the early adopter? How can I send traffic to my landing page?

Product summary:

A URL shortener with retargeting pixels and UTM builder. It'll help you to retarget your visitor if your content hosted on the 3rd party website.

I'll share an example -

Suppose, you're selling products on Amazon. And you're sharing the product link in facebook, twitter, Instagram etc and want to retarget the person who clicked on your Amazon product link so that you can provide them with relative product ads in future. By this, you can promote your products and increase the sale.

Now, to retarget them on facebook/twitter you need to put facebook/twitter retargeting pixels code (like a cookie) on the Amazon link that you provided on social media. But You can't do that as Amazon isn't your website they won't allow you to put your own pixel code. So my product will do the job for you. You have to give your Amazon product link with your pixels code, my product will give you a short link. All you need to do is share the short link in your social media accounts.

Once anyone clicks on the link, they'll be redirected to your product page on Amazon and they will retarget on your ad platforms.

Now you can add those visitors on you ad platforms as your custom audience and Show them related products ads to increase your sale.


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    How much are you charging? Who is your ideal customer? I don't know if you'd want to do a big "launch" without knowing some stuff about who will buy, why, and for how much.

    It seems like your customers will need to be those who both (a) share links, and (b) do lots of ad buying and retargeting. Perhaps reach out to some blogs or content sites you see whose business models involve affiliate marketing?

    I'm a fan of the "do things that don't scale" approach in the early days. Find people and talk to them one-on-one. Those conversations can lead invaluable learnings that, ideally, you'll act on to improve your product and the messaging around it before trying to target a bigger audience.

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      Thanks, @csallen for your comment.

      • I'm charging $29/month for Personal plan and $49/month for Pro plan.

      • Currently My targeted audiences are Blogger, Youtuber, influencer, and Amazon sallers.

      • It's not a big "launch" as It's my first MVP.

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    You're marketing a social media marketing tool to social media marketers. I'd start on social media :D

    Growth hackers, a million Facebook groups, wherever you see Neil Patel's face... LinkedIn even

    Key is going to be messaging. If you say 'pixel anyone who clicks any link anywhere' or similar, early adopter types are going to know exactly what your talking about.

    Also has this as a feature so I'd look at what they're doing

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      That's true. Basically, it's a marketing tool. And I've kept the UI very simple and easy. I've kept the sharing button inside the software so you don't have to share the links in each individual site.

      And about sniply, I find it a bit different. It also provides a short url but anyone who clicks the link, they will be redirected to an iframe page but will not be redirected to the original site. And inside it, a call-to-action button will be provided by which the visitor can visit you're site too.

      And about my product, it will redirect the visitor to the actual website that you are proving via short url. Before redirect, it'll fire ad platforms pixel events that you specified when creating short url.

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    Sounds like wet dream of anyone that share amazon links to a large audience. Contact youtubers?

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      Thanks for your comment. Trying to reach out youtubers. do you know any youtuber personally?

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    How and where you launch depends on your product and target market. Can you share more info on that?

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      Updated post