Simple Communication System for Startups

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    Yo John I sent you some comments on yen.chat

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      you're amazing! thank you! i'm going to work on these improvements!

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    Yen looks super cool!

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      thanks! i built it for indie hackers!

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    Hey IH!

    I wanted to share with you how i'm using YEN to save money / time for early-stage communication: https://john.do/easy/

    I'm using YEN to:

    1. as a free replacement for slack (internal communication)
    2. as a community building tool (embed on unlimited landing pages) — free public, private rooms
    3. product feedback — replacing zendesk and others
    4. and more.

    I built it specifically to simplify my own communication needs as a solo founder... I can manage internal communication / external communication (community) in a single browser tab!

    I then use github for the product and then i have to use email occasionally. Hope that's useful!


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