Landing Page Feedback October 25, 2019


Yuri Alves @YuriGuernsey

You can view the site here:

I have been working on SimpleWeb, and I am proud to announce that SimpleWeb will be released very soon.

Are you sick of having frameworks?
SimpleWeb provides you with a huge list of elements, that are created with just simple and plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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    • Should grab your target customer. Nobody cares about 'coming soon'.
    • 'Sick of frameworks?' is a good header.


    • All you say is what your product is. Need to know how it helps me.

    Sales Funnel:

    • Call to action with signup should be immediately visible as soon as the page loads.


    • Cut the 404 error in the graphic.
    • Too much spacing from the top of the page to the header.


    • Make it look like you have a product to attract interested people (potential customers) to sign up.
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      Thank you for that, I will go over the landing page again and make the changes.

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    What I believe would be more valuable here, it’s not fight against frameworks but to work with them. I would love a drop-down control that I could swap between angular, react, etc.

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      I am not trying to fight frameworks, I am sorry for giving that impression.
      What I should have made clear is that SimpleWeb will be showing a list of components that depend on any framework. So essentially if you wanted to use a component from SimpleWeb on top of your framework, you can.

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    The subscribe button is messed up. The contents of the landing page are over pushed to bottom of the screen. The 404 error page on the placeholder image is a bad move.

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      I agree, cut the 404, makes it look like your landing page is busted.

    2. 1

      Thank you for the feedback. I will fix those issues.
      Just wondering, why is the 404 error page image a bad move?

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        Having anything related to an error is not a good first impression. Since your service is nothing related to maintaining website uptime or any services of such sort it is not relevant too. Even if you are providing such a service, it would look like you are selling a product to make their servers crash.

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          Oh I see. Thank you for mentioning that. I have never thought of it that way.

      2. 1

        When I first saw it, it looked like your landing page was broken.

        1. 1

          Haha ok I definitely do not want that impression

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    I honestly have no problem with frameworks, and isn't yours just another framework then? Or library, to be exact?

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      I probably have given the wrong impression about the product.
      However, I'm not trying to market the product as an alternative for frameworks, but more of an online directory that will hold a wide range of elements that you can add to your site, even if you have a framework or not.
      The reason I asked the question "Are you sick of frameworks?" is because, sometime I personally just want to add a cool element to my website, but I can't straight away, I have to add a framework to my site to make the element work, which I don't really want to do.

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    I'm not sure I understand the product.
    Even what you call frameworks are just pieces of html/css/js.
    You mean simple components that have no dependency on other libraries or frameworks?

    1. 1

      I am sorry about that. I should have made the product more clear.
      And yes that is correct SimpleWeb is just a list of simple components that have no dependancies

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