Single window screen recorder for macOS - Do you need this?

I freqently use the built-in screenshot tool on macOS, which has a neat snap-to-window feature.

When it comes to screen recordings, Quicktime is great and while it does offer to record only part of the screen, I've missed the window snapping that the screenshot tool offers.

Didn't really find anything that solves this problem as simply as the screenshot tool, so I decided to give it a go myself.

Here's a short demo video:


I'm thinking of putting it in the app store, free, but with some in-app purchase feature like export to gif or similar.

Just wanted to gauge interest beforehand. Leave your thoughts.

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    THEE ^^^ best screen recorder ever built and it's free. it's changed how I work completely.

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    Hey Rene, we added this sort of feature in the latest version of Droplr for Mac, which is based on my open source project here. https://github.com/levinunnink/Screen-Recorder

    I kinda like your implementation better though. I looked at trying to duplicate the functionality of the snap to window screenshot feature like you have but I wasn't happy with the UX of the end result so we did something a little different. You seem to have a found a way to make it work better.

    Nice work and good luck if you launch this on the Mac App Store! A word of warning though, as someone who has built a number of apps for the Mac App Store: it's a lot lower volume than the iOS store. Don't expect to make lots of money unless you're consistently in the top 10 of your category. That being said, hopefully that doesn't stop you. This looks like a very cool little app.

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      Hey Levi, very cool and thanks for the advice! Awesome that you've open sourced it.

      To be honest, I'm not entirely happy about the UX in my version either. I've been trying to replicate the global cursor change, which the built-in screenshot tool has, but found no reliable way of doing so.

      I can see Screen-Recorder has some support for GIFs , so I might look to that for inspiration, if I decide to try and add that. Doesn't seem like that sort of thing is directly supported in AVFoundation, from what I've been able to gather so far.

      I have no experience with the iOS or Mac app store, so yeah, I'm reluctant to shell out the $99 Apple tax, unless I can be reasonably sure to recuperate the expense. It's just such a small tool, that I feel like I can hardly justify a $5 in-app buy-me-a-coffee purchase.

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