Six figures in 6 days

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    I was put off by the shitty clickbait title but I stand corrected. This was a great read and congratulations 🍻

    So here's a thing. Coming into money unexpectedly like that. How you handle tax? I wouldn't have the first clue.

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      Agreed. The title was very click-baity, but the article is actually great.

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      I don't know how taxes are done in the UK, but in the US I would make a quarterly estimated tax payment Form 1040-ES using my estimated marginal tax rate multiplied by the windfall to avoid underpayment penalties.

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    Pretty neat!! Things just took offf!! Congrats 🎉 man!! Love the site btw. It's clean and minimal.

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    slumdog millionaire( thousandaire😂) , this is not inspiring at all you just got lucky

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      Please don't make comments like this. You can go be negative a million other places on the web. I only have to say this to maybe 1 in 2000 indie hackers, tops. Don't be that guy.

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    Spending time on things that will buy you time is always a good use of it.

    Favorite quote from the post :-)

    Like many here, I almost didn't read this because of the title. I think it's possible you don't care 😂 about that (I don't mean that in a negative sense). But I'm glad I did read it.

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    Read it on HN. Amazing story.

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    Very cool! Who would you say your target audience is?

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    "Publish often". Thank you for the reminder! Awesome work, congrats!

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    contact me on my instagram @rivvkka i can sell you nudes online

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    Great write-up aside: I freaking love your site. You're ending up in my Notion under inspiration. ;)

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    That was amazing, a work made years ago now is generating revenue. Contratulations!

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    Just wanted to say I appreciate your designs, including the clean personal site. Really cool stuff.

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    Your site looks lit. What is it built with?

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      Thanks! Just some html/scss/js.

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    That's a great story and congratulations!

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    Congrats and thanks for sharing your success story with us.

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    Congratulations Buddy. Great read.

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    Congrats! I was a little hesitant based on the headline, but was pleasantly suprised! As a content marketer my favorite part was this:

    "The right content, posted at the right time, can create unimaginable results."

    Way too many people try to find the "perfect time" to post a piece of content. But the reality is you just never know. So it's usually best to just publish content when it's finished instead of trying to "time it".

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    The 2 hours of work doesn't matter.

    What matter is that you worked many years, so now you can do it in 2 hours.

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    Congrats Traf and thank you for sharing your story.

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    I think you and MKBHD have a similar affinity with black which may be what caught his eye. "Matte black everything!"

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    Traf, congratulations Buddy. This is such great news. Strong talent and the keen ability to execute quickly. Very nice. I'd like to see this happen for you many times more. How can I help?

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    It's a very good story and congrats! I like that you say "spending time on things that will buy you time is always a good use of it.".

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    Thats cool. Congratulations!

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    Post at the right time in the right place! Love it, congrats man, well deserved. Definitly going to be sharing this blog post.

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    That was great to read!
    Congrats @traf
    timing is everything and the more you share and build in public the better your odds

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    That was pretty much cool wave you caught! Congrats

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    Click-baity, but I love the message ;) Great work and inspiring!

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    Thanks for sharing! Really inspiring and the fact that you mentioned that those 2 hours are actually 7 years of work, luck and good decisions is insightful :)

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    First of all, props to you on being able to sell things that you think are cool to other people. It's crazy that if you do the right thing at the right time you can hit a home run, while enjoying it.

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    Awesome. Love your insight on the pricing, would of been so easy just to think it should cost what icon sets have previously cost

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    Amazing, congrats!

    Good tips on publishing often!

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    Saw this happen in real time on twitter. so freakin cool. thanks for sharing the behind the scenes of the journey!

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    Wow, congratulations!

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