April 8, 2019

Slack, and email reporting

Kamban @kambanthemaker

I built dort.io to enable SQL based reports, I could not get any customers so far. I am wondering if I should continue it or not. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. #product-feedback-request

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    The biggest problem as @mrcihandemir mentioned is handing over credentials.
    Maybe you could create blog posts about creating users on each SQL platform with the minimum required permissions (I'm guessing Read Only on x Database) to allow people to alleviate these issues and also show your knowledge of these platforms.

    Also it may be worth having a dummy file online to show the full steps in a functional flow (like a slideshow) from Setting up the report to getting the results so that people can see the full use case.

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      Thank you, will do that soon!

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    How have you found this compared to grammerly?

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    seems good product for the beginners, actually, to be honest, there may be a trust issue about password, i hesitate to give password, sorry.

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      Got it, thanks for the feedback!