slideZing - The Big Reveal

I have been working away on slideZing (https://slidezing.com) for the past couple of weeks and wanted to share with all of you.

slideZing is a product to help you stand out from the crowd and improve your audience engagement during large conference presentations.

The problem I am solving is that there is no simple way to engage with an audience during a conference talk. When presenting for 30-60 minutes to a large group, it is difficult to know what their questions might be or what they are interested in. slideZing solves this problem by providing the presenter with their own text number that the audience can use to send comments and questions. In addition, instead of the audience taking pictures of slides, they can request high quality images of slides delivered directly to their phones. The presenter can review all of the comments and slide requests during or after the presentation.

One simple way to think about the product is that it is like google analytics for conference presentations. Because the product works with any phone and does not require any software install, the barrier to using is very low. The simple usage will drive more feedback.

The presenter gets value because this is a unique way to interact and create an impression. They also get benefit because they will start to get feedback on the content and improved engagement from the audience.

The audience benefits because more people can ask questions and they can get high quality images without trying to zoom in from 100 feet away!

The overall product works and I plan to use during a conference this weekend (if anyone is in MN and going to Minnebar, look me up:)

There is still more to do on the site so I consider this a Beta/MVP product. As far as pricing, I am considering the following tiers:

  • $15/month - phone number chosen for you and functionality for a limited number of texts and slides
  • $45/month - full functionality with 1000's of texts and ability to pick a number from list of available numbers in your desired zip code
  • $490/annual - full functionality with unlimited (or at least a very high number) slide decks and text messages per month.

I have not told anyone about this so IH gets the honor of being the first place I reveal it. I am definitely excited and nervous to hear what this group thinks.

If you are kind enough to provide feedback, I would be interested in:

  • Do you think the product would be useful to you as a presenter?
  • If you do not present to large audiences, do you think it would be something you would use as an audience member?
  • Is the website effective at conveying the product value prop?
  • Does my pricing model make sense?

Any other thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  1. 1

    Very cool, might be worth trying to sell to event organisers. You should be able to increase the prices massively.

    1. I would see it more as a way of getting questions, live someone on the event team picks the best questions for the end.

    2. If the audience isn't large seems a little overkill.

    3. SaaS landing pages look very similar now, because they have found the best way to convey their message.

    4. I would go with medium size conferences, they won't have the budget to build an app but would benefit from your app.

    A lot of killer features you could build into this. Such they upload all numbers and you can text them during the day to see how the event is going, what presentations they went to, rate the presentations.

    If you need help with building a landing page, i'm currently building a landing page builder and need early access users to test it :) So we can help each other out.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I definitely agree that it is overkill for a small audience. If you can talk to 20-30 people in a room, no need to do this.

      I also agree that selling to conferences is the most likely way to get more revenue. I am definitely going to go down this path.

      I'll definitely take some help on the landing page. Thanks for the offer. We can connect via email.

      Thanks again for the comments.

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