December 2, 2019

Smashing Magazine - Black Friday 2019: Support Indie Makers

Min Tran @mintran

Smashing Magazine has an article dedicated to Black Friday deals by Indie Makers

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      I wrote for SM occasionally.

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    It's great to see this kind of support for indie makers, it really makes a difference!

    I also shared my own indie maker deal in a comment there, hopefully it can be useful for others :)

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    Thanks for compiling this.

    I would love to have my product listed as well.

    Any chance?

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      I just share it here, I'm not the author. You can ping her on Twitter or leave a comment on SM.

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      @mintran didn't write the article, he was just sharing.

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    Thanks for the link just posted a comment on there :)

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      Actually, what would be really helpful is if we could recommend other indie hacker type products that haven't been mentioned.

      I've left a comment recommending @mariedm's WomenMake.

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