March 10, 2019

[Smoke Test] Efficient way to learn courses online

Shreyas Adiyodi @azero0

Hi Guys,
Can you help me decide whether I should build this?

Problem: Do you guys also struggle to stay on track while learning courses on websites like edx, udemy, coursera, etc?

Solution: I may have a solution for it

I have purchased over 15 courses but haven't been able to finish them because of lack of motivation, etc.
Am I the only one facing this issue?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    I have purchased over 15 courses but haven't been able to finish them because of lack of motivation
    That's the problem, not the lack of an app helping to stay on track while learning.

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      thanks for the constructive comment. Even I am in 2 minds about this problem. Probably an app wouldn't help me overcome my lack of motivation.
      PS: Do you know any examples of apps that help with motivation?

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        There is no such app, just by nature. Like there is no app helping to fall in love, right?
        You have the motivation, or you don't have it.
        Motivation is what drives you. What makes you work hard, or stand up earlier - some desire to gain some goals. Trust me, if you don't have such a desire, no app in the world helps you.
        If you can't finish your courses I believe there is no real reason to do that. You just don't need these courses.
        But if you would have a strong desire and need for them you will finish them, trust me.
        Good luck.

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    There is so little info there I really feel put off about subscribing.

    Some more details about how, when etc.

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      Thanks for your reply.
      I will try to stitch up a bit more info about the product and get back to you

    2. 1


      • I don't know this person and have no established trust.
      • I see no details about how you plan to solve my problem.
      • So I don't want to sign up.
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    I do see that you are solving a problem that I suffer from as well. I tend to drop off from courses and audiobooks, so I think the problem exists, I just don't know from the landing page how it's going to help me.

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      Hi @mike_libate, Glad to know that even you are facing this issue. I will try to add more info so that you could understand the product better.

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