May 3, 2019

SMS reminders SaaS - what target group?


Hello, I created SMS reminders SaaS (I made it in my free time) and I would like to try to sell it. I wonder what kind of businesses would be interested in SMS reminders - I thought about medical doctors. Do you have any other idea? Thanks

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    I think anyone who works on an appointment type basis. I get SMS reminders from hospital appointments and our dentist.

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    I ran a similar service back in the day (was 100% free, never pursued revenue). Just from my own experience, there were a ton of people using it simply to remind themselves to take the garbage out. It's the reason I built the service to begin with.

    Incidentally, there's a free service for this in the area I live in now (provided by the county), so not something I personally need fulfilled any longer.

    As a developer, a text or push notification to let me know when a service I use is down for maintenance or experiencing a service failure would be huge. SOME companies provide this via their status page (which they are often paying a service for). Since not all companies are paying for a status page service, I'd be interested in something that automatically monitors and texts me. Think DownRightNow but with a messaging component.