So who is offering BLACK FRIDAY deals?

Hey Indiehackers!

I have hosted deals.habitate.io, where you can submit your Black Friday deals in the relevant channel.

On 26th and 27th, I will invite more viewers from my email list, network, friends, and customers to upvote favorite deals and comment on any questions that they might have for you. (Might go ahead and submit on Product Hunt as well).

It's completely free, with no paid promos for any brand inside the platform.
So far, companies like GanttPro, BetterProposals, accordably.com, soar.sh etc. have submitted their deals and more to come. This could well turn out to be a promotional campaign for what you are building and get you some feedback along the way.

If you receive any comment, you will receive an email notification to reply.

This is not the full-time project I am working on; I just wanted to host a free, open platform for everyone to post their promotional deals and get some exposure along the way. I also wanted to make full use of my product habitate, showcase the product abilities, and learn something along the way.

Let me know what you think of it. Open to hearing any feedback or comments.

Submit your deal here

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about creating some discounts on your product, this article from mailshake might help you.


Are you offering any Black Friday deals?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. 3

    Great idea @Deepak09. Always good to have somewhere with lots of curated deals!

    1. 1

      Of course, yes. What's more interesting here is that the brand themselves posts these deals, and I saw a couple of them writing an exclusive deal for the community. Excited to see how far this goes.

  2. 2

    Super cool!

    We are helping founders save THOUSANDS of $$$ on the best tools (Airtable, AWS, Bubble, Invision, Sendgrid, Hotjar...), and all our membership plans are 50% off for Black Friday. Pay < $80 and get $20,000 in tools. It's an ultimate no-brainer.

    Apply for membership here: https://mangoup.io/, we review your application and get back to you within 2 business days.

  3. 2

    This is awesome! thanks. I'm offering 30% a Lifetime Deal for Llama (a task manager that helps provide focus and structure). www.llamalife.co

  4. 2

    We're offering a discount for early users as we've just launched.

    💰 The deal: 50% OFF for 12 months towards any of our paid plans (monthly or yearly)

    The product: Somma is a simple way to send messages (email, in-app, push notifications, and SMS) based on customer actions and properties. We help you send the right message at the right time to the right customer in order to improve retention and increase engagement.

    Website 👉🏼 https://somma.app

    Promo code: SOMMAIH50

    1. 1

      Bookmarked! Looks sleek. Would you mind posting the deal at deals.habitate.io ?

  5. 2

    I am. 😄

    Deal: 60% off the first year

    Product: Checkbot for Chrome tests 100s of pages at time for broken links, duplicate content, invalid HTML/CSS/JavaScript, insecure pages, redirect chains and more to find critical problems before your users do. Test unlimited sites as often as you want including local development sites to keep on top of problems and stop critical SEO, performance and security issues going live.


  6. 2

    Offering 50% OFF on first month of any Design, Design+Code, 2X Fast Plans on Draftss.com - Unlimited graphic design & frontend code on subscription
    Coupon code: BF20

    1. 1

      Hey, @JunaidBhai that's a neat deal. Thank you for posting.

  7. 2

    I'm offering lifetime access to divjoy.com for $59 (normally $149). Lots of Indie Hackers use Divjoy to build/ship products quickly. Probably won't ever be this cheap again.

    1. 2

      Would you mind posting the deal in the developer tools channel?


  8. 2

    Thank you, Kumar. Currently not offering but looking to explore some deals. Founders send your deals there! Super excited

  9. 1

    Black Friday on Designmodo, generous discount for a limited time.

    Use coupon code BLACK during checkout and save 30%!

    Get it here - https://designmodo.com/blackfriday/

  10. 1

    Hey! We have a Black Friday Deal at Joonbot. 80% for 1 year.
    Joonbot is a no-code and intuitive conversational form builder.
    BFM80A if you choose a monthly plan.
    BFA80A if you prefer an annual plan
    Available until Monday, November 30, 11:59 PM PST.
    Try Joonbot now!

  11. 1

    Got a freebie for any business/website owner

    And $10k of value for less than $1k for startup founders.

  12. 1

    Hi @Deepak09 I make an ebook titled 50 Useful PHP tips and functions that get the jobs done.

    It's $20, special for BlackFriday (20% off!)
    If you buy it, please let me know, I'll send you my thank you personally.

  13. 1

    Tally (the easiest way to create forms) is offering 50% off Tally Pro this week 🔥


    1. 2

      Yes, I did save your website yesterday, and impressed me a lot. Wah! Next time, I will use yours instead of google forms. Good work @MarieMartens

      Please do share your deal on deals.habitate.io too. Also if you need a community on your website to get some feedback or write articles or anything, please let me know. Will be happy to partner with you.

      1. 1

        Done! Would love to partner as well! You can reach me at [email protected]

  14. 1

    Here's my deal - BLANQ is offering 50% off on all yearly plans for the first year.

    BLANQ is a custom URL shortener that comes with custom domains, analytics, Link routing, Free SSL and a lot more. Turn those ling ugly links to beautifully branded links.

    Website: https://blanq.io


    Steps: Create an account, go to Upgrade and paste the Coupon on checkout.

  15. 1

    Auto Reply to Facebook comments (DoopChat) offers 50% at https://doopchat.com/

    1. 1

      cool! @NinjaTeam, Would you mind listing yours too on the site?

  16. 1

    Hey Deepak, any chance of adding my Black Friday deal to your site?

    $59 APPSUMO LIFETIME DEAL for Zlappo, the Ultimate Twitter Growth tool!

    Many thanks! :D

    1. 1

      Hey @simplisticallysimple, You can add the deal by yourself here.

      https://deals.habitate.io/channels/1/marketing-tools - Login to create a new post. Click open in a rich text editor to add images and style the content.

  17. 1

    Hey @Deepak09, you have a small typo above, it's MailShake, not MilkShake. Made that mistake several times myself, haha

    1. 1

      Lol, thanks for pointing that out. Gosh, this is 🤣

  18. 1

    Hey @Deepak09,

    We're hosting a Black Friday deal with discounts up to 94% for Bootstrap themes, admin templates, and UI kits.

    Here's the link: https://themesberg.com/black-friday

    I have submitted the deal!

    1. 1

      @Deepak09 I added it the first time at the marketing tools, but I can't seem to delete it. Here's the post that is in the wrong category: https://deals.habitate.io/posts/24/90-off-bootstrap-themes-admin-templates-and-ui-kits (I have posted it again in the developer tools section)

      1. 2

        Hey @themesberg Would you like me to delete the post in the marketing channel?

          1. 2

            It's done 👍 Thanks for posting bud.

            1. 2

              Thanks for the website :)

  19. 1

    We're offering 50% off at EmailOctopus, Deepak. Will submit it shortly.

    1. 1

      Hey, that's a great deal. I am looking for an email marketing tool that I can integrate with habitate.io and use ourselves.

      1. 1

        Hey @td_evans, looking forward to seeing your deal soon. I just signed up, too; the product looks neat. Is there an integration with chargebee?

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