So... you think finding a technical co-founder is hard? Try to find a non-technical one with a validate B2B SaaS idea

This is to say, if you are not a technical person, validate a B2B SaaS idea and you'll be way ahead of the game. I've been searching for those for a while (while trying to validate some on my own) and they are rare.

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    Agreed, a lot of ideas but not a lot of validated ones, I thing the general approach is "if we build it, they will come" and that unfortunately relays on luck more than a sound logic (at least from a technical point of things)
    there is another trend also "self proclaimed non technical people looking for technical co-founder but with very specific tech skills and implementation aproach" it just contradicts the entire idea of finding tech co-founder if you going to base your search on something you do not understand.

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      Yeah, I noticed that, but that's been happening in the tech industry for years. Remember when all the CEOs were telling their techies to use XML back in the late 90s, even though they had no idea what it was.

      If we actually push this point forward, what we found is this:

      • CTOs are rarely trusted to make technically sound business decisions or business sound technical decisions
      • CTOs often want to be left alone with tech and show no interest in the business, in marketing, finance, sales, management, etc.

      It's a cycle hard to break but my most successful startup was one in which we trusted each other at those levels.

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    I agree. I'm building my first SaaS project where the target audience is small business owners. Many of them are frustrated because there are plenty of software systems out there, but most of them dont address the business owners workflow, or only do so partially. I think many SaaS are built without much market knowledge or research.

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      I agree! Lack of perspective, that's what it is. We sometimes need to take a hard swallow and understand, that nevertheless, we are liking something, it doesn't mean, that our target audience will too.

      For example, at my software house, we target a lot of construction businesses. And despite the fact, that I would love to create beautiful, modern, and interactive landing pages for them I need to stop myself from doing that - because it will be too confusing for them. So I stick to simplicity and explaining things, that in my head feel obvious but for them are something completely new.

      Don't build software based on your own assumptions, or you will fail, period.

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    Everything is possible on IH. I have discovered this website recently and I’m IN LOVE.

    I have met dozens of people and two potential business partners.

    I’m myself a x3 entrepreneur, I had the luck (or not) of selling the 3 of them, one to a PE. I have a technical background from the beginning of my career but that was like 18 years ago... for the mast 10 I’ve been focused on business, sales and marketing, mainly in the B2B area.

    Happy to connect 😊

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    That is sooo true! Yet situation like that definitely opens a door for non-technical founders, who will do the extra mile and validate their app idea first.

    The bar is set so low here, that if you will come to a technical partner (or a VC, or Angel Investor) with a 30 pages documentation of your application idea, with wireframes, technical documentation, monetization strategy, market research and competitors analysis ready - they will instantly get a message that you are a real deal! And that's a leverage definitely worth having.

    We at Railwaymen can create this kind of documentation/idea validation for you. No strings attached, no need to develop your app idea with us, just 7-8 k for receiving a documentation, that will greatly improve your chances to find a technical co founder. and/or funding More about this + examples here.

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    TBH...someone with hands-on business experience would understand the flow of things more than a technical person.

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      Being a technical person and having hands-on business experience is not mutually exclusive, the same way that being good at sales doesn't make you a business person. I'm a technical person and I had run 3 startups (1 was sold).

      But I'm not entirely sure what you mean though. Can you clarify?

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        You are right..but generally you won't find one person capable of doing both.

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