Growth January 17, 2020

Social app built and launched. Any tips/ideas on how to attract users?

Pangratios Cosma @pangratios

Hello! I am a new member on Indie Hackers. I am usually a passive user in community forums, but it looks like people are getting valuable feedback from the IH community so I decided to become more active and start posting my ideas.

My team has recently launched Teazer (, a hyper-local dating app enabling you to interact with people at the same place as you real-time.
However we soon identified the problems of hyper-local marketing, which didn't allow us to expand our user base. People are installing the app, but they cannot see other users near them and as a result we are losing them even though they like the idea.

We are looking for cost-effective ways to promote the app/idea and grow our users organically, area by area. Do you have any tips/feedback/experience on this type of problem?


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    I'd see if there are any events, meetups or places (bars and other places that offer some kind of entertainment) that you could partner with. Be careful what kind of events you choose because it will affect what kind of users you will attract and that can make a big difference in how your product is used.

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    Tinder's trick was to go to sorority's to get the girls to sign up first

    You need somewhere with a lot of density to get the flywheel going. What is the one line pitch for why it is better than Tinder/Bumble - doing it in secret?

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      Thanks for sharing this article. It helped me too!

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    I'd focus on the positives of this situation. You can choose to make the app amazing for one neighborhood, or suburb, or whatever. It's great that you don't need global buy-in!

    You can spend less than others since your demographic is so small, and even make a notable impact with a boots-on-the-ground approach like @Neits suggested.

    Choose an area to focus on and hit it hard. It'll take less effort than trying to make a splash in an entire country / state.

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    Hey P! I wrote a pretty big (3000+ words) about how to build an audience before launch. It works just as well after launch though ;)

    Take a look, and i'm happy to answer any question or help your adjust it to work for your app!

    Hit me up here or on twitter:

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    Hey, I have a couple of ideas that may work.. do you have linkedin?

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      Seems you already found me! Would love to hear those ideas!