Looking to Partner Up April 4, 2020

Social Entrepreneurs, ASSEMBLE!


How about we join forces and use our combined talents to create meaningful solutions to some of the world's (existing, long-running, pervasive, and imminent) problems? If making a difference is more appealing to you than making money, then you will feel right at home here.

I am trying to assemble a versatile team of 2-4 people to start with. Leaders, thinkers, makers, facilitators, and evangelists... If you have any combination of those traits, then you may be just the perfect co-founder.

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    Hey I'm Ale and I would like to create something new! I'm also a developer and a designer :) can I join?

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      Hi there, Alex. Thanks for responding to my post. I hope you read it thoroughly because there's a lot of important details there including criteria that doesn't really resonate with your comment. But if you are really serious about joining, I'd love to know why you think you'd be a good fit here. Feel free to leave your email so we can communicate directly. Have a pleasant day!

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    Hey! Is this still going? Would love to get in touch!

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    Hey spin! Would love to connect. Always up for socially impactful ideas. Been doing that for a while now but also looking for strong minded partners. Let's talk. I am available at [email protected]

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      Hello audacious_da! Thanks for responding to my post. It's good to hear you're already into social entrepeneurship (SE). Would love to hear about your past SE projects and your experiences there. Are you currently involved in anything at the moment? Is there a particular social issue that you are inclined to do something about?

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        Education of the underprivileged, Unemployment & Food shortage. These among the many are my primary focus or interest areas. Let's chat further, pls e-mail me at [email protected]

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          I believe you already received my email. I already got a reply from you. We can continue there.

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    Your post resonated with me as I share the same sentiments in that making a difference has more value over making a dollar. We are currently working on a project that will solve many problems in the real world. Unemployment is at an all time high in the United States and globally. Our project will address this problem almost instantly.

    If you would like to learn more and see if this can be a good fit for both sides, shoot me an email :)


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      Hi Reginald, I'd love to hear about your current project. What problems are you trying to address? Can you check your Discord? I believe I already sent you a message.

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    ping me. email in my profile

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      Did you get my email message?

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        Let me know your name/email to confirm it

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