Social listening for project ideas

When I am looking for or validating a project idea, I often do my research on social media to see if people experience such a pain.

What I realised is that people actually just drop project ideas all across the internet. Some are bad, some are never gonna make any money, but some are actually good!

So would you be interested in an automated email service where I will programmatic conduct social listening and deliver the most popular ideas to your inbox every week for $1/month?

What do you think?
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    Its an interesting idea - I have been playing around with twint to get this sort of thing, and am currently trying to figure out a manual way of doing it so I can automate it later. Have you done a write up of your process? i'd love to know what approach you take and tools you use. I would need to know the full process of elimination first before paying for something - i.e what keywords are used, the profiles/tweets searched... all that good stuff

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      Glad to hear that I am not the only one with this idea :) I think the value of such a project is to leverage on people who are experts in their own domains and know specific problems that are shared by their communities, but people are not makers. So there will be checks on the people who shared these ideas and perhaps a weighted scores on how many people share this pain.

      To be honest I haven't given too much thought on the actual implementation. It will not be easy to apply very specific filters across the board as the definition of the feasibility of ideas does vary in different industries. But possibly some nlp sentiment checking on the follow up discussions to see if people are supportive of these ideas.

      What do you think? @f5

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