Ideas and Validation November 22, 2020

Social Network where you share what you watched, played or read.

Kamil Saifullin @kamiru

Imagine a social network where you share what you watched, played or read.

The reasons why you would like to use this app:

  • Track what your friends get involved at the moment;
  • Have one more topic of conversation with colleagues, after found out that they have watched your favorite TV show;
  • Follow your favorite celebrities and know their interests;
  • Collect to wishlist what you want to watch / read / play in the future;
  • Rate media and make your own TOPs;
  • Share review and impression with your subscribers;
  • Keep a library of all the media content that you consumed, so after years you will not forget anything;
  • Make up the first impression of a person when you first meet, to learn about mutual hobbies and tastes.

There are a lot of apps on the market where you can rate films, games or keep a list of the TV shows you have watched,
But I haven't found an app that brings all of these media together and, most importantly, works like a social network, with posts, likes, subscribers, etc.

Would you use such application?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. 1

    I voted for yes, but it's more like a maybe. The biggest challenge will probably be to convince enough people to switch to your app (and also bring all their friends over as well). For that you would have to bring something new to the table, just creating a small Facebook clone for a specific niche will not be enough I'm afraid.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Yes, I think any social network can only work if there is a sufficient number of social connections within it.

      But I see it more like Instagram, not Facebook.

      The main question for me is, if in theory most of your friends would be there, would you be interested to know about what they watch and read in this format?

  2. 1

    Hi Kamil,

    I think I am working on a similar idea, but for a very specific space: Healthcare.

    I am coming more from the business / creative side and cannot actually build the concept.

    Do you have an idea how you would like to build your social network, and have you thought about how to monetize it?

    1. 1


      Yeah, i guess, i have full understanding how this app should work, doing right now mindmaps, etc.
      Also have so many ideas to cool expansion for the app, like:
      Find people with the most similar library;
      Thematic collections.

      Unfortunately, the idea is all I have for now.
      No resources, no opportunities, but my dream is to create this app (even just for personal use).

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