Social proof widget

I am thinking on a product that will show the actual numbers of users on a website as a widget. So ideally, the website owner can register with my product, then I will find a way to validate the total users she/he has and then the website would use embed code to show the widget on its page. Does that sound like a good idea? #idea-validation

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    38 views with no upvotes, does that mean it’s a bad idea?

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    as a website owner, why do i need to show "the actual numbers of users" to my user? what is the motivation?

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      Hi, It’s a social proof, where a third party system says that you have so many valid users, which might convince people to buy your service. Am I wrong with my assumptions?

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        from user perspective, how can i trust this actual numbers?

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          I will need to build a brand to bring the trust

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