October 23, 2020

Soft-launched today!

Kelsey Petrich @kpetrich

From a spreadsheet in 2017 to a web app in 2020! Even if I don't get a single paying customer, I proved to myself that I could build a web app.

Early testers of the web app are getting value from it and customer discovery is always in process. Looking forward to talking to potential customers, pivoting, iterating, and growing over the next several years!

Here's to Tansy!

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    Congrats on your launch👍 any raison you do not have a free trial?

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      Thanks! Fastest MVP was to use Stripe Checkout where it’s no longer supporting free trials. Next iteration I hope to customize Stripe set up and have a free trial. I am offering 14 day money back guarantee which is like a free trial.

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