Self Care March 10, 2020

Soft skills and self-awareness to achieve everything


Hi IH 👋!

With two friends we built Skuap, the idea came from the experience of working on startups and big companies where leaders are promoted by their hard skills but then struggle with the position because of the lack of soft skills to understand and manage people. We want to make this easier and help people from having burnouts.

A few days ago we released the beta version on ProductHunt, we want to help companies/leaders to create high performing teams. Any feedback is appreciated, we want to hear how people handle these situations 🙂

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    Interesting idea! I recently did the Big Five test. I didn't know what to do with the results though. Maybe that's a blog article you can write? "How to interpret and use your Big Five personaltiy test results"

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      Thanks @nvlee for your comment. Nice to hear that people around are interested in learning about themselves and how to use test personality results to improve. We will write a post around it and let you know when it’s ready 😊

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