Software dev & marketer. Looking for a design cofounder or skills trade

Hey IH!

I've done software development and marketing. Built a few profitable Saas products and helped cofound a vc-backed startup previously

I'm looking for a someone skilled in design (mobile responsive websites) for a new project

Would be happy to either work together as partners to split on the equity or trade my skills in development/marketing and do a few tasks in these areas for you for your design help :)

If you are interested, feel free to comment below


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    Hi @hacker3544 I am UI/UX designer with experience over 10 years you can see some of my work here :https://dribbble.com/pixerizer
    if interested, drop me a message here: [email protected]

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    hey @hacker3544 - would love to chat! I'm a designer who founded a startup a few years ago and have been been looking to get back into the startup game after a couple years consulting and freelancing. Here's my linkedin (linkedin.com/in/georgewang89) would love to chat!

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      Thanks! Can you shoot me an email? Its in my profile. Happy to coordinate some time to chat!

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    Hi hacker3544,
    I'm a product designer/ award-wining UX writer with experience in digital marketing. I've worked in the AR space and currently I'm a UX/UI designer for cloud based SaaS enterprise.


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      Thanks! Whats the best way to connect?

      If email works, my email is also in my profile - feel free to shoot me an email!

      Looking forward to chatting on this!

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        Hi, I just sent you an email :)

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          Hey @alinas! I just realized my email on my IH is old so I don't think I got your email. But I just updated it

          Would you be able to email me again using the new email in my profile? Sorry for the issue! I would email you instead but I didn't see an email in your profile, thanks!

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            Hey, thanks for letting me know. I sent you an email just now :)

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