May 4, 2019

Software Engineer Looking for a business partner for a digital agency - Serious Opportunity.


I'm posting this here hoping i get a response from someone who's serious about doing business and building something amazing.

My background: I have over 8 years experience in web/software. I find it very easy to get a good job in a tech company based on my background. Right now i work as a senior software engineer in Atlanta but i'm moving to New York in a few weeks. I'm tired of the 9 - 5 lifestyle and i want to build a business where i can make a big impact.

Looking to start a website dev agency, but i don't know how to get the big contracts and businesses from people or organizations. I get small website contracts now($1000 - $5000), which is not much, once in a while. I see a lot of mistakes many agencies make when they build web applications, including mine, i've tried to change it but my Boss won't allow me to make changes i want.

I'm starting a digital agency, but i need someone who's very good at getting contracts for web applications and websites, that is my weakness. Maybe someone with a good network. I have all the technical aspects covered, i can get a team if required. I know all the modern tech stack (Node, JavaScript, CI/CD, AWS, e.t.c.) required to build a modern and highly scalable web application, but i need someone who will be able to get these contracts, so we can work together. We can have a signed agreement before we even start, if they require.