Ideas and Validation October 27, 2020

SoftwareIdeas, for sales leads

Ryan Doyle @royledoyle

You've seen Kevin Conti's great work on It delivers market-researched SaaS ideas.

How do you think this would work if it was adapted to finding ideas for clients to sell to?

I'm a salesperson who does a free sales advice column and I know I can help more businesses acquire customers.

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    I'd love to learn more on this, although to me, as a founder, you need to have done some leg work "int the trenches" on the problem you're about to solve, because you'll need a lot of knowledge on the subject in order to sell it

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      Right, there has to be a good balance of "I'm telling you how to find unique ways to approach and catch the ear of your target market" and "Insert your expertise here"

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    This is excellent. I have a directory product which lists B2B buying signals and can understand how this could be useful.

    You might already know this, one issue is in the scope. Accounting software folks will not be interested to hear about developers leads and viceversa (unlike someone starting who is on the lookout for any business idea).

    Maybe creating one/multiple industry verticals ( or specific signals) would be a way to do this.

    Another question is how many of them would like to receive information about the same lead. Chances are sooner they'll be asking you to offer a course on how to do this or lead generation on their behalf.

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      Thanks for the feedback - my feeling is that it's wrong to point 1,000 sellers to one lead. Something along the line of signals is the way to go, and I'm trying to figure out the best expression of that.

      When SoftwareIdeas releases an analysis, that can be translated through the perspective of each reader and expressed in a thousand different ways. With my pitch right now, it's a thousand different readers pitching one lead the same thing. I wonder how I can work my way beyond that.

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        came across the updates on the weekly sales guides and engagement with Jack Butcher. Great to see this picking up some well-deserved traction Ryan!

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    I have mini sales intel guides you can use here, for starters.

    This one is a takedown of Intuit Quickbooks and how you can take their customers

    This one is a company that got funding, is going to need support tools, and how I'd sell support tools to them

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