May 1, 2019

Sold the first annual subscription to a local coach!

Jake Wang @jkwang

Although Document Node ( is still in Alpha, I sold the first annual subscription to a local coach ($225.06) in Perth, Australia!

From the Kickstarter campaign ended in Feb, I got 49 backers. It was not a huge success, but I was satisfied with that because it was a completely new product, and no decent marketing activities were done at all.

Guess what! After walking in the dark for a long time, and the product entered the alpha phase, I began to see the dawn of the front.

If you have any questions please let me know. I would love to share with you!

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    Congrats! Great work!

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      Thank you @bcosynot

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    Congrats!! Perhaps if one coach needs it, others do too :)

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      @genemachine Document Node is especially useful for non-technical people, to setup a high-quality website quickly with no coding. A coach is that kind of people. :) Thanks for your message.

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    sold the first annual subscription to a local coach ($225.06)
    Woohoo! Awesome @jkwang. That's a very big deal. 👍👏

    The first huge win was getting the first paying customer… I literally got $5 in my Paypal account, but I was jumping around the room. - Joel Gascoigne of Buffer ($19M/year) source:IndieHackers

    Go get those millions now :) 🚀

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      Thanks for sharing your story.

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    Congrats! I am always happy to hear about my fellow indie hackers getting those first customers. Nice website by the way.

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      @spartan082189 Thank you!

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    Jake, great job! (I actually had a read-through of the Kickstarter text for you before it launched – glad to hear things are moving along)

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      Thank you @Chris24 for your help before the launch, and thanks for your message! It was fun to overcome challenges and make things moving.

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    That's awesome! Getting the first paid customer is a huge hurdle, congratulations!

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      Thank you @jab
      Yes, it was hard...

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    Congrats! The first sale always feels special :)

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      Yes, @rosiesherry The first real sale makes me think about how to scale in the same way. Still a long way to go, but it's hopeful.

      Thank you!