Solo founder accountability thread -- what's your top to-do?

One challenge I'm facing as a solo founder is that some days, I know what the most important thing is for me to work on, but it happens to be something I really don't like doing. So I talk myself into working on something else, putting off what I should be doing.

Some days I'm less disciplined than others, and I thought that sharing my top to-do and progress on that item would help me stay focused on days when I'm feeling less energized.

If others want to join in, feel free to do so!

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    Ha, I have found that some of my best work is done this way. I am not pressured by deadlines, so my work is unencumbered by stress.

    My philosophy on this is: "If I can't work on the right thing, work on something good."

    Success and motivation breed more success and motivation. Pick anything to get done, it's better than doing nothing. :)

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    By coincidence, just blogged about this recently https://getchipbot.com/blog/strange-notification-hack-to-boost-my-marketing-effort .

    My biggest problem was marketing accountability, so I made a log of all of our activity (like a system log or error log). I used automated notifications that connect to several services to always have a pulse on what's happening around the business.

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    Some of us post daily in a standup thread that @Harlem runs, good group accountability! Includes weekly and monthly retrospectives and a good chance of getting some feedback every day if you want it :)

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    Top to-do today is sales: follow up with all in-process prospects, reach out to as many new prospects as I can, and research an upcoming conference to see if it is worth doing.

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