Ideas and Validation January 16, 2021

Solo projects are bogged down with Tribal Knolwedge


Like many of you I'm a solo dev working on my own passion project. Since quitting my job, I've been surprised that the amount of Tribal Knowledge I generate has actually gone UP not DOWN.

Tribal Knowledge: Information you need to do your work that exists only in someone's head.

You may have heard it called a few different names. "Tribal Knowledge", "The Bus Factor", "Institutional Memory". Regardless, every day I build my project I'm generating lots of knowledge that exists only in my head. If I were to get hit by a bus, it would be extremely difficult for someone else to take over.

So, solo or small-team devs:

How do you reduce your Tribal Knowledge when not as much pressure to document things as you go?

I've whipped up lightning-quick 4-question survey if you'd like to share your thoughts:

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