Looking to Partner Up October 24, 2020

Solved a safety issue for a really desperate niche. Looking for a technical partner


I designed a product that solves a really serious safety problem for a niche I'm involved in.
So far the feedback from the community has been really excellent
And I'm looking for a technical partner. Someone who's in search of a cool - not very difficult - side project, with a huge amount of growth potential.

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    Hi Dave, let's chat, DM me

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      Indie hacker doesn't have a messaging feature to my knowledge, so if you leave your email I'll reach out

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        Hi Dave, you can DM meon twitter

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    Hey Dave,

    I'd love to learn more about what you're looking for in a technical cofounder. Check out my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maplethorpe/

    You can get ahold of me at [email protected]


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      Hi Jerad,

      Did you see my post about Halloween Co-Founder Speed Dating? There’s a shortage of technical cofounders and it seems like this even would be pretty good for you. https://www.indiehackers.com/post/co-founder-halloween-virtual-speed-dating-dbc6247f13

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    Hey Dave,

    I'm a fairly seasoned full stack dev w/ a decent product head on my shoulders. Also, I'm looking for something to do next and I’d love to hear more.

    Send me a message at [email protected]

    Looking forward to finding out more!

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    I'm interested, hit me up on at [email protected]

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    Hello Dave,

    I'd be interested in hearing more. You can reach out to me at [email protected]

    Cheers, Peter

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    Feel free to DM me on Twitter. Thx!

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