Growth July 19, 2020

Solving my own problem, but struggling to retain users and grow...

John Yeung @jhlyeung

I built for my own learning needs. But I have been having a hard time getting users to come back, and finding others who are like me.

Could it be that my needs are just too esoteric? Or would I likely be better off spending time trying to articulate my idea better, and simplify the UX?


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    I don't think you have you message nailed yet. In < 10 words. What is it? Who is it for?

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      I built it for myself to connect the dots among my learnings from different places online, instead of just passively reading/browsing.

      It is not academic or career-driven, more as a life-long learner wanting to make the most out of what I learn.

      Any ideas as to how I can tighten up the message?

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        Mindmapping for learning?

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          Subconsciously I have been avoiding using existing categories like "note-taking" and "mind-mapping", but maybe it's a good idea to anchor people with it

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            I like the mindmap direction

            Mindmap for internet resources?

            You should use words that are meaningful for a potential user.

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              Mindmap bookmarker for internet resources

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                Like that already answers questions about who is it for and what it does...

                Based on something like that you can rework the rest of the messaging.

                Like save resources with multiple contexts and easy infinite subcontexting, beautifully organised the way your mind works

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                  great ideas, thank you so much! 🙏

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    If you have issues with getting people to sign up, I think case studies and especially demo videos on the front page could really help. You're not getting me towards the "aha" effect on the landing alone.

    Second, need to figure out who this is for. I know you mentioned life-long learner, but that may be hard to target. Maybe business book clubs could leverage this? Researchers?

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      Thanks! Is it that the messaging is unclear? Or is the value prop not compelling enough for you?

      haven't thought about business book clubs before, sounds like an interesting place to look

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        I just want to see how it works so I can get to the moment of: "Ah, now I get it, this is so cool!"

        The value prop might have something to do with it, nothing in your copy or headlines is really compelling to me (although the product itself seems interesting)

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    Too vague.

    I'd add concrete examples, perhaps from your personal experience on how this tool has allowed you to learn something specific better. Maybe even consider positioning the entire tool to learn a specific subject better. For example, if this tool has helped you learn math better, then position it as such.

    I realize the allure of building something so broad and flexible that anyone can benefit from in some way, but in the early days, it is super important to focus on solving a very concrete problem.

    Just my 2c.

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    I'm no marketing guru, but it does seem like a rockin' curation tool. One thing to consider: If it could automatically attach citations in a specific format (MLA, APA, etc.) with each item collected, this would be AWESOME for research for middle school through college. I've had students draw mind maps similar to what Rumin does, but your app takes it to a whole 'nother level.

    Try pitching it to some educators and see what they say.

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    I tried it and watched the video. It's the future, if you don't make it work someone else will. However it's a rough diamond, it will require a lot more work and most importantly the vision to develop it into a product that people can enjoy using and find useful. You need that Steve Job's touch as well, to polish it the right way. Some ideas: help people collaborate and brainstorm online, help people research together, or help people build knowledge together.... It should be powerful as a collaborative tool. The design will have to be polished as well, something more like lucidChart, etc.

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      thanks for the feedback! were there parts that were particularly unclear/clunkly? or was it the general impression that it was rough around the edges?

      and yeah building knowledge together is what I'm currently exploring as well, starting with niche communities

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        Double clicking should be rename.
        Didn't find how to delete, neither the delete button nor a right click got me that.
        The connection between writing new nodes vs getting things saved by the plugin isn't clear/intuitive..

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        The general look of it; it looks like a draft or maybe a university assignment, not a finished product designed to be attractive. Nothing wrong with that, you have to start somewhere... Compare it to the likes of LucidChart to get some inspiration. I'm glad I could contribute.

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        Thank you both so much for the actionable feedback!

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    Thats cool! I really like the idea of optimizing my random learnings. But I'm not really sure how I'd use it. Might be helpful to some examples of how you use the tool.

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      Thanks Marty! That' a good point. I'll work on some examples today

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        Cool beans, let me know when you're done. I want to check them out!

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          Just updated the onboarding, added some examples, and simplified the UX. Let me know if anything is unclear / clunky :)

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            Nice I really like it! Especially the physics one. Just some feedback I thought of while browsing. Who would be the target users? Students? Employees getting upskilled? This could help you identify your early customers

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              I'm having a hard time to pinpoint a "persona", since I use it for learning as a serious hobby (so neither a student nor an employee learning for career purposes).

              Does that make sense?

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                Possibly also look at other plugins that let use save site links and see how they word the features

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                Yeah that absolutely makes sense. I struggle with this a lot. Especially when you are solving your own problem I feel its hard to pinpoint a persona.

                Have you bought any other tools to help organize your learning hobby? Maybe you could take a peak at their messaging and see if theres any inspirational nuggets

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