Looking to Partner Up April 11, 2019

Someone with an idea? :)

Ivan Stepanovic @ivandrei

Hi all,

I am Ivan and I am part of a tech team.

We've build StayIn a while ago and it was voted Product of the day on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/stayin

StayIn is a really cool side project, but we are looking for b2b idea for a startup and I could really use some insight here.

There must be tons of people out there who work in a companies that has some problems. I would like to find those people and talk to them. Any ideas how to find them? :)

Also, if there is someone here that fits that profile I would love to discuss it - someone with domain specific knowledge.

Looking forward to feedback! :)

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    Ideas are like farts everyone has them. It's the execution that counts so searching for random ideas without having any understanding or drive for the model, will be pointless 99.9% of the time.

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      Hi Lee,

      Thank you so much for the insight! I completely agree with you that ideas are worthless without the execution.
      However, I didn't quite catch what you meant by "having any understanding or drive for the model"?

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    I'm curious if anything came out of all the ideation sessions!

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      Hey William,
      Karma is a funny thing! :) If you're looking for something hard enough, you'll eventually find it. Or it will find you :)
      We ended up partnering with a entrepreneur from LA who happens to have an idea and the market for it. He just needed technical cofounders.
      Now we are on a quest to disrupt the market of mobile wallet passes.

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    Hey Ivan--Looks like you've had lots of help here and, from what you've written, sounds like you're on your way with something. However, if you still would want to talk I'd be happy to connect up.

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      Hi Chris,
      Tnx for the message!
      Sure, always happy to chat! :)
      Here is my email: [email protected]
      You can ping me there!

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    Hi Ivan - really interesting question. I enjoy helping folks who want to solve problems evaluate those problems and figure out how best to decide which ones are good and which ones aren't. If you're interested in perhaps looking for a problem yourselves rather than searching for a co-founder, it could be a fun exercise for you. Happy to hop on a call and give you some suggestions.

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      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for the feedback!

      It turns out that the problems found us! :) Luckily, there are now 2 products we are working on.

      However, I would love to hop on a call if you have some time this week.

      Always happy to chat with other entrepreneurs and exchange thoughts :)

      You can DM me if you have some time slots available.

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    Congratulations for StayIn. Question, when you got product of the day, how much marketing did you do for your product hunt product listing? I mean, I often hear that just putting your product on product hunt is not enough for it to gain visibility but I don’t know

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      It may sound weird saying this - but we actually did very little marketing. I would say about a week of writing to some people and spreding the word. The main thing is to post in right time. I guess with our product we did a good presentation part (with gif explaning the app) and people seemed to like the idea. That was all really.

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        Thanks for your reply. That is super interesting to know. Congratulations for you and keep making.

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    Hi Ivan!

    StayIn is a cool app, I've used it on few occasions.

    Finding a problem to solve is challenging. I'd say go visit industry events and talk to people. Trade shows are great because people get bored on the 2nd day and have time to talk. Even if you don't get answers there, you can always ask for contacts of other people inside the company who might have something to share.

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      Hey! :)
      That is a great advice!
      I will try that and let you know how it worked.
      As for the StayIn - thank you for the kind words! I am wondering if you're using StayIn now and if not, what would be the main reason for it?
      We had a great initiall traction, but we're strugling with retention so your feedback would really help me out here.
      Tnx again! :)

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        You are welcome!

        For StayIn, I feel the questions are too broad and for some I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

        Also, I don't want to register because I assume you would capture my preferences and would only serve me movies based on what I liked the 1st time. What if my mood changes and I want something that I said no to before?.. 🤔

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          I see :)

          The algorithm is not influenced by your questions history, so no worries there.

          Tnx for all the help! :)

          Let's stay in touch!

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    I have some nice ideas, I've won some contests with them, they might be world changing.
    Email me and we can talk

    [email protected]

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      I just have :)


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