Sophomore slump?

I recently exited my indie-SaaS for a life-changing amount of money. Now, I'm searching for my next business idea.

Just because I exited one SaaS successfully doesn't mean I will do it again. I'm confident it's possible, but not guaranteed another win.

I'm sharing this because you don't hear founder stories after they sell their business.

If you are just searching for a new idea, I'm right there with you. And dang, it's hard.

Finding founder/market, founder/product, and product/fit seems nearly impossible.

Every time I start getting into an idea, there are a hundred reasons why it's not going to work.

But there's hope. There are many success stories in this community.

I just want to encourage you to keep going. Keep pulling on threads and seeing what happens. Don't get discouraged.

And if you need someone to bounce ideas off or want to talk strategy, let me know.

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