SoundDemocrat Prototype

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    Yeah, when I saw the brand name it made me think it was about politics. Like a radio app for people who are Democrats in the US political sense.

    You might need a different brand name if the US market is important for you.

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    Yeah I'd agree with others here that the name sounds too political. Call it CrowdSound or something catchy like that.

    Also take a look at www.reddit.com/r/listentothis, r/listentous, etc, they're basically the same concept as your site except on Reddit. You could make it an app instead (which it looks like you're planning to) and still be successful since many people don't use Reddit.

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      Queuetly? Queuetify? Quetify? SoundDistiller? UpNext?

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        I'm a little bit in love with my domain sound.democrat. But I understand your arguments.

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    I would put this at the top. It's the most important bit of info:
    "The application lets people vote on the listing of songs in the queue."

    Suggesting an edit:

    Spotify | SoundDemocrat

    • 5 users | Unlimited

    Some thoughts regarding the name ...

    • what if I am a staunch republican or just hate Democrats?
    • what if I am from China? That word is probably even illegal there.

    What's the business model? Selling "god mode" as a premium subscription? Pay to boost? :)

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      Premium version for sessions with more than 50 people.

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    Nice, I dropping a message in your twitter account

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    Hi Felix ! Nice work!
    These 3 things came up to my mind after checking your landing page:

    • The "open the prototype" button is using its own header. But I would prefer it to be in the same row as the logo, or use some different style for it (like an alert that on top of the page)
    • The font for catchy sentence "Democratic song queues. Sign up to get a notification when we launch!" seems very small to me
    • The placeholder text colour for "Your email" makes it very hard to read.

    Hope this helps.

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