Daily Stand-up September 19, 2020

Stand-up #137 - Working on big list performance.

Kai 👨‍💻 @kaioelfke


Project: https://amicu.app/ - Reminders to keep in touch with people.

I am still investigating the performance issues, but I already found out a lot. It's a nice deep dive with learning. There's already some improvements, but there's more work to be done.

Yesterday's progress:

  • Add total, and avg time in between contact as statistics
  • Investigate long list performance issues
  • Fix a ton of iOS 14 bugs

Today's progress:

  • Investigate performance of long lists with SwiftUI, Combine and GRDB
  • Fix bugs
  1. 1

    Like the idea. Can I import my FB friends and then choose whom I'd like to add to the 'recurring get-in-touch-with' reminders?

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      FB doesn't have APIs to import friends into 3rd party apps. But you can export the contact data of friends via unofficial browser extensions. Once you have them in your iOS contacts it's easy to add them.

      FB doesn't want people to leave the platform so they make it hard. They used to have an export, but removed it.

      It can be a bit of work unfortunately. But then you don't depend on this company anymore to be in touch. Who knows, if they'll be around for as long as all your friends.

      Here's some links. I used the birthday calendar extract and it worked. But these addons break with website changes or FB blocking it.


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