Daily Stand-up November 9, 2019

Stand up: Who's hustling on Saturday?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of November?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    Off days are for the weak!

    • November - Finish database schema and database querying algo
    • Yesterday - compiled a list of profiles of industry professionals/social media influencers who would use my SaaS product so I can conduct primary market research - make sure what I'm envisioning is valuable by tailoring it to my target demographic's needs
    • Today - Continuing to build this list so that I have 100 people by Monday
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    • NOV - Get customers to achieve their 1st success w/ the pilot. Then validate the "1 thing" that'll become the MVP and define its feature set.


      • Analyze all pilot customers' feedback.
      • Draft/schedule emails to cold leads.
      • Pilot customer meeting.
      • Work on a consulting project.
    • TODAY

      • Continue to analyze pilot customers' feedback.
      • Draft/schedule follow-up emails to warm leads.
      • Do PT job.
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      Good luck with it and keep going!

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        Thanks, @javadiagrams! I appreciate the encouragement!

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    My goal by the end of November is to have our first bids on heart bids.

    Yesterday I totally renew my facebook ads campaign using the pixel and conversion tracking

    Today I analyzed data on heap analytics and create our first A/B test using google optimize!

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    ...what, nobody on Saturday?

    • November: Launch SourceSpy on GitHub marketplace
    • Yesterday: struggled with complicated cases of diagram layout (the likes of this this diagram for Flexmark )
    • Today: Finalize draft of Apache/Skywalking documentation, deploy in production
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    OK, first round trip leg of my weekend travels complete :) I used my Magnus Rush podcast app to take some voice memos as I was listening to the IH podcast, so they got transcribed and emailed to me. So happy I built that functionality haha. I needed some time to think about next steps and unpack my apprehensions a little, and it helped quite a bit. So I'm modifying my November goal, but will treat the original as a stretch goal.

    November Goals

    • Set up a plan to turn Announcr into a SaaS business, and remove the current restriction of needing a physical location, thus supporting online businesses as well.
    • Launch lead capture site with streamlined messaging.

    I am doing this so I can begin to talk to customers, both local and online, and begin to test out methods of customer acquisition very heavily in December. I had some theories, but also really need some marketing/sales automation to help jumpstart the growth, as I've been overbooked in the dayjob.

    This weekend I will get my transcription notes into stories in Clubhouse and clear the slate of current stories. Hoping to draw the line from 0 to 1 with some pretty well defined Epics so I can just walk that path over the next 2 months.

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