Daily Stand-up November 8, 2019

Stand up: Who's hustling on TGIF?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of November?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    By end of November
    Pitch Announcr to a local business

    This week...
    Nothing! Started the week with a deadline at the oppressive day job, closing this week with the same deadline uncrossed. I hate working so hard for someone else’s goals with literally nothing to show for it. So disappointed with myself.

    This weekend...
    Get my head on straight. A couple out of state trips and some quiet time coming my way. I have an enormous amount of apprehension about doing a customer call and need to conquer it. Maybe I’ll dry run the pitch and role play the interaction, see where I’m weak.

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      Be empathic about your customer needs. Use that as the source for any suggestion or advice you'll provide to them. This angle helps get rid of the nerves because it's less about you, your fears or ego. It's centered on the problem at hand. Good luck!

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    • NOV - Get customers to achieve their 1st success w/ the pilot. Then validate the "1 thing" that'll become the MVP and define its feature set.


      • Define sales strategy, messaging, & channels.
      • Follow up w/ client.
      • Do PT job.
    • TODAY

      • Analyze all pilot customers' feedback.
      • Draft/schedule emails to cold leads.
      • Pilot customer meeting.
      • Work on a consulting project.
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    Had my first product-market-fit interview this morning - trying to figure out if anyone is even interested in purchasing my product before I spend too much time on it. I also wrote up a detailed business requirement document yesterday and committed my first lines of code today.

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    What will you accomplish by end of November?

    • Have beta testers test out the MVP

    What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

    • Started lesson flow
    • Did some research on music theory books that college students use

    What will you do today?

    • Flesh out more of the lesson flow
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