Daily Stand-up November 12, 2019

Stand up: Who's hustling on Tuesday?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of November?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    By the end of November I'm going to launch new version of www.gatsbytemplates.io with working marketplace functionality, payment support, and new paid theme.
    Yesterday I done wireframes for new theme.
    And today I'll going to start looking for designer and play with serverless

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    We soft launched our job board to help connect the previously incarcerated with forward thinking employers:


    Much more work coming, and we have another ~20K jobs being fed in overnight this evening.

    Still early, and we're hoping we can grow the site without charging companies. It's a fun side project for us to work on while we build our own (for profit) recruitment marketing agency and consultancy.

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      Great! Where are you importing jobs from?

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        We're pulling a custom XML feed of job content from an aggregator partner. And we also are able to pull in individual job feeds from companies as well. Super helpful for scalability.

        Plus, smaller companies can easily post jobs as needed. For free.

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          Very cool. Can you share the partner?

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            Sure, pop me an email. Happy to chat through details.

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              Sent. Thanks 👊🏼🙏🏼

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    By the end of November, I want to have a working MVP of upfunc, a serverless monitoring platform.

    Yesterday, I built out some of the dashboard page including lists of a user's tests and monitors.

    Today, I want to finish up the latency graph showing the function latency over time and add simple pages to create basic monitors and tests.

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    Finishing up our next round of interview articles on thegoodstartup.com then starting more lifestyle articles that help solve common issues that readers have talked to me about when discussing how to transition to a "save the world" job!

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    • NOV - Get customers to achieve their 1st success w/ the pilot. Then validate the "1 thing" that'll become the MVP and define its feature set.


      • Reset my quota... do the math.
      • More transcript edits & research for the pilot.
      • Sent outbound emails for Monday.
    • TODAY

      • More analyzing pilot customers' feedback.
      • Schedule outbound emails for the week.
      • Work on a consulting project.
      • Documentation for pilot customers.
      • Do PT job.
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    Got some great feedback from the IH community yesterday about the landing page, which we've made some changes regarding, and will wrap up early this afternoon.

    We're going to start running our first Paid Ad experiment to drive traffic and email sign-ups to Specta to validate the idea. If anyone know's some great resources to get started running our first campaign, picking key words, ..etc, that would be amazing.

    And if anyone still wants to take a peek at our 'pre-alpha' landing page, we'd love to hear your feedback. https://www.specta.app.

    Happy Hacking!

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    By the end of November

    Make it easier to add goals by including goals in the Folder builder UI.

    Bring correlations into the daily user experience.


    Contacting influencers

    Begin building new goal-setting UI


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