Started a newsletter about recently funded startups. How to gain subscribers?

A few days ago I launched my website but currently I don't have any traffic and no subscribers for the monthly list.
The monthly list includes all startups which a funding within the last month. Besides that I'm sharing additional information about the startups e.g. (industry, name of founder, website, social profile of the CEO, mail contact).

So I'm obviously targeting Consulting Services, Professionals, VC firms, but I don't know where and who I can market to them?

So I would really appreciate your ideas and help!

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    Well I think if the content is good and the landing page for your newsletter is clean and simple, you'll be set. Make sure the word gets spread too because that will help a lot.

    If you are looking for a easy-to-use HTML theme for your newsletter, try out one of these:

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    VCs are all over Twitter. And easy to find via LinkedIn

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    Hey. That's probably the hardest part to find an audience. Basically, as a general rule, you have to go where your customers/readers are. You have to reach out to them so in your case VCs, consulting services. One way to do it is to post on social media. Another way is to interview people and publish interviews on social/newsletter/blog. And another way is sponsor newsletter. Do whatever it takes to promote. It will be super hard. It is difficult to scale on the beginning. I've also started a newsletter. I do everything above. Good luck.

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    I think a lot of people check this information on AngelList, Crunchbase or Hacker News. Could you please provide a link to the newsletter? I'm working on a site called Employbl that provides information about companies and jobs in the Bay Area. I think it'd be helpful to learn more about companies that raise money and have a weekly roundup of funding rounds. Medium could be another good place to publish and share the information you collate :)

    If you're looking for a list of companies to target I've published an open source list here. Could be helpful? https://github.com/connor11528/tech-companies-bay-area

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      LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora could all be other places to check out and share content to expose your audience. Reddit can be a bit tricky, not sure the best subreddits to use but could be worth looking into..

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