Writing Feedback February 13, 2020

Started a satirical tech blog/newsletter. Would love your honest feedback!


Recently started a satirical tech blog/newsletter as a way to have a creative outlet and since I’m entrenched in the tech industry, I feel like I can be niche enough in certain topics. Would love some honest feedback. Still getting my footing but trying to create content rather than wait for perfect topics:

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    I like it. It's that coffee break but relevant style news. lol.

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      haha thanks @Skurt!

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    Love it :). Just as my personal taste: It would be more readable (at least for me) I think, if the text was bigger, bolder perhaps and covering more of the screen. Since it is funny content, a more quirky font might help too. Also, maybe a different background color? Again, just personal taste. It looks and feels great otherwise :D

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      hey @ugur47 really appreciate the feedback. I just picked a standard Squarespace template, but I get what you're saying! It's not too serious, so I should convey that through the design.

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    the title lured me, but the domain already cracked me! this has massive potential.

    I would keep titles short and link through twitter account, something that will look serious or at least make people stop and wonder for a moment. something like "SaaSy News" or whatever.
    another take is to link to actual news and give them a twist. e.g. like the "startup raised funding without machine learning" and link to that actual news post.

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      thanks for the feedback and the read. I will definitely work on getting the titles shorter/smaller. Yeah always so hard to choose the perfect domain haha.

      interesting!! :)

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    Lol fantastic! Thanks for bringing some levity to an otherwise grim and serious business. 🙃

    Site looks great on mobile. 👍

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      Thank you! :)

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        Thank you for the material and initiative to follow through! 😀

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    I don't see any content there. Am I missing something?

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    Hey Joe. Love the name. The article about PG is a good one 😀.
    In case you’re still looking for more feedback, I’ll be more than happy to give you my detailed thoughts.

    Me and my partner will be giving personal real-time feedback in a video chat for this whole week to help other founders.
    Check out flounders.io for the details.
    Hope to see you there.

    P.S.: Anyone who wants to get feedback is also welcomed 👍