Growth October 26, 2020

Started curating SaaS growth resources

Marc Thomas @iammarcthomas

I love talking about SaaS growth. I love reading about it. I love learning about how other people are running growth in their companies. I love running growth in my own.

And I recently noticed I was collecting and then recommending heaps of growth resources to people looking to grow their SaaS. They always seem to find that super helpful.

So, now I'm doing that at scale with Positive Hüman

The idea is this: Curated B2B SaaS growth resources from experts, with original comment, in your inbox 2x per month.

First mailer went out last week:

👩‍💻 34 subscribers
📬 71.72% open rate
🐭 49.49% click rate

So you can understand what kind of quality we're talking about:

In the next few weeks, I've got teardowns coming with Dev Basu (PoweredbySearch) and Amanda Natividad (Head of Marketing at Growth Machine).

Would love to hear your thoughts and also: give me your tasty B2B SaaS marketing links to look at ✌️

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    Hey Marc, I'm writing a substack called Growing gSweets which has a ton of overlap. Would love to collab. You can find our writing here:

    1. 1

      Looks cool Jeremy. How would you describe gSweets? Do you have a website yet?

      1. 1

        gSweets are delightful, Notion-like shortcuts for Google Docs. Our vision is to make gSuite (Docs & Slides) as fast, easy to use and collaborative, as some of it's newer competitors.

        We're still making small tweaks to the copy and videos, but you can peep a preview of our website here:

        1. 1

          Wow. Love that landing page. Nice concept.

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    Marc has grown Doopoll to 15k MRR in a short time and definitely knows a lot about growth. If you have a SaaS you should definitely subscribe!

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      Is there an article on Marc's success with Doopoll?

      Would love to add it to my database at Growthunt

      1. 1

        Hey! There's this post about how we grew a section of the MRR by 800% and I think that gives a pretty good overview of how we think about growth.

        Then we also have the doopoll company profile on IH. Here's a link to that

    2. 1

      LOVE IT. Thanks Andrea

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    Subscribed! This is great work, Marc. And I love your writing style, as you know.

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      Thanks Neil. Good to chat yesterday as always ✨✨

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    Hi, this is cool! I'm building a project that might relate, it's a presentation builder tool for marketers / coworkers to let their audience interact with their content. (Think like PPT meets Jackbox games). Might be useful for folks who need to create sales resources!

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      Looks cool. Have you launched? Are you interested in affiliates?

      I run

      1. 2

        Yes we're (soft) launched and interested!

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    Nice open rate, there 👍

    So, can someone change my mind? I’m a skeptic of tear down collections. Why are they so awesome? Anyone who’s had success using one, care to sell me on it?

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      Cheers! I'm only one edition in so let's see 👀

      Teardown are useful in as much as it's good to hear people debating a piece of marketing for its merits. Ultimately, it's hard to see with a broader perspective than your own but adding additional external perspectives can highlight things you've never thought about.

      On the other hand, teardowns would always be more useful when there is actually data attached to them. You'll notice at the end of the Canny one I linked to, Corey and I talk about their odd lack of a CTA and mention that this might be to do with several growth factors. If we had the data, that would be a better quality. It's something I'm working up to getting from growth people.

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    Subscribed :) This is really cool, I ran a saas growth newsletter before but slowed a bit on publishing to run my saas product. Would you be open to chatting sometime? Perhaps there's some ways we can help each other.

    I'm not super active in my newsletter, but happy to share some of the tactics I've used to grow my newsletter to about a thousand subs over the 2-3 month timeframe i was running it or ways we can help each other :) Lmk if you're down to chat!

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting. Drop me a mail at [email protected] or on Twitter at @iammarcthomas and let's chat!

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    Subscribed! Looking through some of the content now and sharing with the team.

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      I hope you find it useful! Would love to hear if you end up implementing anything in response to what you see!

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    Looking forward to getting these Marc. Have enjoyed following along with your videos and tweets, and pretty certain these emails will be fab too. Thank you.

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      Love it! Thanks Gareth. ALWAYS A PLEASURE ✌️

  9. 0 is a powerful tool for every business :) Especially small teams that want to increase their CR

    1. 1

      That’s a really interesting tool

      1. 1

        Thank you for your kind words!

        We got access to GPT-3 last week and already are doing some tests with it.

        It's unbelievably powerful. Hopefully, that can take our tool further.


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