Writing Feedback February 17, 2020

Started writing for a blog: Networking BULLSHIT

Firatcan DOGAN @NoFunnyMan

Hello guys,

I just start writing for our blog and I tried to write about why networking is waste of time most of the time.

I would be very happy to get feedbacks about my essay and also what do you think about networking for early stage entrepreneur/start-up?


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    Hey - this is a good first effort at writing! I think the content of the article was on the right path, but I think there are some accessibility challenges to this piece. My observations are:

    • Make your title and section headings statements. Posing these as questions feels ambiguous and weak. I want to read your strong point of view.
    • Your paragraphs are long and the wording is a bit hard to parse. Maybe there's a way to break these paragraphs up or reduce their size?
    • Your writing style is a mix. It sounds like you're a narrative writer / story teller (like me), which is great! But you're trying to apply that to an informational piece and it sort of ends up as a weird hybrid.

    Again, this is a great first effort! Keep it up and keep asking for feedback. I hope my notes above weren't too critical - I'm intending them to be helpful :)

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      Thank you for feedback and I believe there is no such thing as "too critical". I came here for those feedbacks.

      I don't want to sound like making excuses but the last bullet point that you emphasize about mix narrative happens because I am not native, but I hope I'll overcome that problem.

      Thanks again for your feedbacks, really appreciate it.

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    My only legitimate complaint is that the header image is way too big.

    I do agree that most networking philosophy is BS.

    Keep it real. 👍

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    Can't say much. I think that post is about how to be effective in networking, but has eye-catching title.

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    Perhaps give us more context - what kind of event where networking is bullshit. I didn't quite get that from your article.

    PS: I notice when you post a TLDR and then drop a link, people would be more inclined to read and respond.

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      Thank you for the tip. Actually, I was trying to make a point on most of the networking philosophy is misunderstood and become this nonsense game which you went somewhere (especially to startup events) with hope of meeting somebody that will take your idea off(or whatever you're trying to achieve). But chances are that's not going to happen.

      I am trying to explain if you don't have any goal to go this event it is waste of time most of the time. Either go it on your spare time to make new friends or go there with some traction and a goal in your mind.

      That was my point. Does it make sense?

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      Great tip.