Developers October 18, 2020

Starting a newsletter. Calling anyone interested in improving their JavaScript

James Robertson @roberja90

I am starting a newsletter that aims to make staying on top of the latest JavaScript developments (language, frameworks and libraries) as fun as possible.

First Substack post -
Substack about page -

If you sign up you will receive a brand new JavaScript challenge to solve each week. The challenge will be based around a trending JS topic.

As a JS engineer, creating and then solving little challenges like this is a fun technique I have developed to stay ahead in my day job. I hope by making them public that other people can learn something too.

Three things I would be super interested to know from the IH community.

  1. This is my first newsletter so any feedback my Substack is very welcome.
  2. Did you understand the challenge format and successfully complete it?
  3. Any ideas on suggested future JS topics. I have loads put want to listen to my audience.


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