Starting a weekly IH Pod Club to discuss podcast episodes

Hey folks! Following a quick chat about how great the IH podcasts are, I've been challenged by @rosiesherry to start a Podcast Club so here we go 😅.

I'll be hosting a Zoom meeting this week to discuss Picking the Right Market to Get Started with Justin Jackson and Tyler Tringas and I'd love to have other people joining me. I think it's best to keep things simple so here's how I'm thinking about running it:

  • The meeting is on Wednesday, April 1st at 12PM SF time (not an April fool!).
  • Runs for an hour.
  • You must have listened to the podcast beforehand.
  • We get online to talk about the ideas in the episode.

DM me your email on Twitter (https://twitter.com/stenpittet) and I'll add you to the event.

Cheers and stay safe! ✌️

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