April 13, 2019

Starting to write blog posts about my latest side project


Here's one of my first: https://www.idbloc.co/blog/2019/04/13/I-have-50-email-addresses.html

I'm hoping this will help bring in organic traffic, but really I want to promote discussion of the concept and get more feedback.

What else would you do if you think your idea is quite unique? Do you think this is a good approach?

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    this looks cool. how do you technically accept email? by amazon ses incoming email ?

    1. 1

      At the moment using mailgun- I plan to switch to my own custom mail server once I get some traction

      1. 2

        If it's custom mail server, then you need to worry about spam, attacks and even more. let me know if you're into building it. i'm eager to learn from you or work together ( not for any strings or revenue )

        1. 1

          That’s true, when I say custom I’ll probably use something tried and tested like postfix / dovecote or a hosted provider like SES. It’s a world of complexity which is why I’m waiting till I have scale before building anything difficult in that space. Mailgun is so simple to use with the http api, it took me only a few hours to get this piece up and running.

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            All the best! I'm looking forward to build something similar to accept inward emails with custom mail server infrastructure for different usecase like helpdesk via email.

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