Growth August 5, 2020

Startup Growth Checklist 🚀

Maryna Burushkina @GrowthChannel

Hi everyone! This week at Growth Channel we released a new free resource - Startup Growth Checklist 🚀 The checklist includes:

✅ 20 actionable tasks for each step of the customer journey
✅ guidance on execution
✅ opportunity to get a your own personalized marketing plan

The template is embedded within a Taskable dashboard, and you can 'check' each activity as you progress with your startup marketing.

Check out more information on our website:

As always, feedback is highly appreciated 😉

  1. 3

    Looks good!

    Lots of Indie Hackers struggle with marketing so this will come in handy.

  2. 2

    I love what you're doing, really clean and simple. I'm selling cybersecurity to microbusinesses so it was really helpful to see the the trigger and awareness phase split out as these are often the hardest phases. I'm going to dig into it more, and will let you know how I get on.

  3. 1

    got a 500 when linking the list

    1. 2

      ruh roh... sorry about that. This actually happened to me as well when I added the list - could you refresh or go back to and let me know if the checklist shows up? Feel free to email me as well to troubleshoot: [email protected]


    2. 1

      can you help with this technical issue?

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