May 21, 2019

Startup Logo Archive 🚀💻

Craig Barber @CraigBarber

Original logos of your favourite startups

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    That makes me feel a lot better about my logo attempts in the past.

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      I know right! Not all of these companies were so slick! They were scrappy like the rest of us ; )

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    The logos of Google and Twitter are amazing, haha!

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      The Twitter one! So 1990's internet co. LOL!

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    That original Airbnb logo is perfect. This is our original Taskade logo:

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    Thanks for posting this! Just launched my own project recently (, and my boss told me that I need a logo =\. Nice to see these first logos from successful companies, as it makes things a lot less intimidating.

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      Yes! The good thing is you can keep evolving and iterating.

      FACT: When I was researching this, I disovered, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and Etsy have NEVER redesigned their logo. They still have the first ever logos they launched with!