Digital Nomads January 29, 2020

Stop paying so much for hotels -- Let Room Steals show you wholesale rates

Nate Ritter @nateritter

We just launched this Chrome extension on Product Hunt today and would love your feedback.

Having been a digital nomad, when I found out there was wholesale hotel prices available to the general public, but that can't be advertised because of industry agreements, I thought there was an opportunity to put together a SaaS product that will save travelers tons of money on the hotels they already want to book.

So, we built this Chrome extension to do just that.

You browse Expedia, Booking,, or Google Hotels and look at the hotels you want to book. With our Chrome extension installed, we'll sit in the background and tell you when there's a wholesale rate available for that same hotel on that same date!

We support over 600k+ hotels worldwide and sometimes the wholesale prices are ridiculous.

Anyway, give it a shot and if you have any thoughts/feedback, we'd love to hear them! Hopefully it's helpful to allow you to travel more often with less money. That's our goal.

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    Doesn't seem to work for me.
    it just always loading while i'm viewing hotels on

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      Ah, so sorry! Would you mind emailing me the url that’s not working ( nate at roomsteals dot com )? We found a few straggling issues with some hotels which we fixed with an upgrade to the plugin last night. If you want to double check, please uninstall and reinstall the extension. I’d really love to know if we got that one fixed.

      Thanks so much for letting me know!

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          Again, I really appreciate you being patient with us as we work the little kinks out like that.

          I've patched it up a little (although it's not showing the price yet, but it at least stops the "loading" icon), and now we're waiting for Google to review and approve the new version of the plugin, which will fix it fully. As soon as the new version is approved (v1.0.10) it will show the correct rates.

          It's super helpful that you've let us know when you find something like this.  Thank you so much for pointing that out!

          I did have one question for you....

          It looks like that URL shows tax-inclusive, full-package rates. We're currently showing rates on a per night, tax-exclusive basis, which is how US users see rates, so I'm guessing right now it's a bit difficult to compare properly.

          Am I right in guessing that you'd like the ability to see it tax-inclusive and for the full stay (all 3 nights in this case)?

          It seems to me we should add a way to see that information and default to that if that's how you'd like it to look/work.

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            acctually I don't know. Im just using it the same way i'm using booking.
            as an israeli citizen it always shows the price tax inclusive.

            as a customer I think its best to compare apples to apples and not making the customer calculate the price, because most of the client will just not use the product.

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              100% agree. So, in the next version we'll add the ability to choose the type of pricing you want to see, and after that we'll try to get smart about choosing that for you. Thanks so much for that input.

              BTW, it looks like if you ensure you're on the latest version of the plugin, we've got that property showing the right price now. It's still in a per-night tax-exclusive format, but it's showing.

              Making progress.

              Full-stay, tax-inclusive will be coming in the very next version. Thanks for sticking with us and for your amazing feedback @wa11a !