Self Care November 3, 2020

Stop telling me to exercise: dealing with a mild short-term depression

Rasul Kireev @rasulkireev
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    Nice article dude. Entrepreneurs are more prone to depression than others. I would like to also add that pursuing a hobby helps tremendously. I have started taking up salsa / bachata classes last year and it was the most awesome thing ever. It expanded my social circle, discovered a new skill that I am passionate about, increased my confidence and most importantly it brought me a lot of joy.

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      Agreed, dancing (especially, Bachata is on my list). Hobbies are crucial, agreed.

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    I did something similar. Salsa. It's very fun to do. It can appeal to engineers as some of the moves are very technical to do and takes practice. One huge advantage for me is that Salsa/bachata is something you can do in any major city in the world. So if you plan on solo traveling - hitting the salsa scene in the city is awesome. good times.
    alternatively, I read sci-fi books exclusively for escapism. Old Mans War, Three Body Problem, Red Rising. All amazing and will take out away from everything for a little bit. It won't fix depression but it will help you feel a bit more relaxed especially if you can read outdoors with some good deep trance music as well.

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      My wife and I really want to try Bachata at some point. Looks fun and refershing. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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